The back end system is charging and ra?ng. Both online and offline charging systems use these two in order to do calcula?ons. This system can also be

developed by Lua scripts. Meanwhile, 3000 transac?ons on each processing

node is another considerable facility of the system.


Other important features included:


  • Configuration Through Web Interface
  • Web Service for Integration (SOAP, JSON-RPC)
  • Flexible Charging Rules
  • Customizable rules through Lua programming language
  • Rules applicability based on
  • Hours, Days of week, Days of month, Date Range
  • Time Stepping
  • Traffic Stepping
  • Subscriber Location
  • Subscriber Session POP
  • Radius or Diameter Atiribute Values
  • Parent Service or Virtual ISP
  • Available Service Credit
  • Combinational Concurrent Charging
  • Time
  • Traffic
  • Rate List
  • Event


  • Includes Subscriber Profile Repository
  • Multiple Credits and Balances per subscriber
  • Modular, Scalable Design
  • ۳۰۰۰ transactions/s on each processing node
  • Scalable up to 10M concurrent sessions and 10 processing nodes
  • High Performance Inter-Process and Inter-Node Message Passing
  • Multi Master Clustering mode