A BPMS-based system for conducting internal operator operations for common services. The main tasks of this system are related to Order Handling, Problem Handling. CRM contains all the common information, services, financial status, and history of a 360-degree perspective, and organizations can only access all relevant information with the CRM without reference to the CRM. Need to look at another system.


The general features of this system are:


  • Define and modify processes through BPMS.
  • Role-based structure and access to various parts of the organization's software.
  • User database with purchase history, calls and requests
  • Call Center with the ability to automatically display user profiles for Customer Care
  • Up keeping of potential customers
  • Automatic communication with other systems through the web service and no need to use multiple panels
  • Pre-designed routines for Order Handling, Service Handling


Customer Self Care:

  • Registration and service request
  • View account details and profile information
  • Ability to pay through
  • Internet portals
  • charge card
  • USSD
  • View calls
  • Ability to purchase packages or change designs
  • Purchase Value Added Services