Application Server (VAS)

All Value Added Services that are switching off and making calls are made by Application Servers. These systems are located in the direction of signaling and media and provide a variety of services required by the user. These services can easily be announce ad or IP Centrex's sophisticated systems. These systems should use SPR and Charging to authenticate, control access, and charge and calculate consumption, so they must be securely connected to other systems and be screened as external security systems.



  • Announcement
  • IVR and announcing the account details
  • Telephone payment
  • Call Conference
  • Text messages
  • Contact the call center Connectivity with third-party systems for value-added service content


This element is designated as an application layer server and hosts a set of commercial services, also known as the Business Application Server. Because most Feature Server hosts business services and linked to IP networks, there is no way for the soft switch to figure out how to divide the application elements. These value-added services can be part of a soft switch or are used separately. These applications communicate with the switches through protocols such as SIP H.323 and other protocols. These applications typically have independent hardware, but may require extensive access to the database. The SCP services operate on an old circuit board network, as well as advanced services provided by the Tandem switch and Tandem switches, and manages services such as auditing, multi-party conferencing, and other services and components related to components. No longer uses. These services are value added or used independently. Applications communicate with the Soft Switch via protocols such as SIP or H.323 and have a dire need for access to databases. This server essentially supports the goal of service transparency.


Requirements a Feature Server

  • Mainly requires the use of a powerful CPU.
  • A large low latency memory is needed.
  • It requires a scalable CPU to measure traffic increases and applications.
  • Several databases may be located on the Feature Server
  • A sufficient capacity disk is required for application needs (typically 100GB to 2TB for a voicemail bank).
  • Ethernet Interface (for IP network) Dual Redundancy


Examples of services

  • ۸۰۰ Services number

 This service will charge less conversational for higher levels of incoming calls. Translation number 800 is provided to a real phone number of the destination by the 800 database


  • ۹۰۰ Services number

This service provides information. Investigates on incoming calls and votes in public opinion. These calls are paid by Caller.


  • Billing service

The call detail records (CDR) are provided by the Call Agent. The CDR has several billing modes, such as the ability to generate rates based on line type, time-of-day, and so on. This shared access service allows its billing records to be requested on demand through a voice call or a Web request.


  • Calling card services

This service allows caller access to telephony through traditional phones. Billing, Identification (PIN, Authentication, Router Support) is provided by this service.