Online charging/Accounting


The IBSng AAA software system is use the Radius protocol with BNG, Bras, or gateways, which performs the reopening of Radius packages, and processes requests through its modular structure. For charging as Diameter Credit Control Client, it acts as an online charging rule. If necessary, the system can continue to respond to the OCS users offline and without communication, and then proceed from the Radius dump stored for charging through the OFCS.

Bandwidth and access control policies are also received through IBSng PCRF or Subscriber Profile Reposity (depending on network modules), and in response, Radius packages or through the Change of Authorization are applied.

This system includes the IPPool module for assigning IP to dynamic or dynamic subscribers.

Features of this system are:

  • Radius Authentication and Accounting
  • Change of Authorization
  • Cisco Integrated Service Gateway Multiple Services Support
  • Diameter Credit Control Client to OCS
  • Web service to provision subscribers from SPR or PCRF
  • Detailed Connection Logs
  • LI report generation
  • Web interface for reporting and configuration
  • IPPool and Static IP Support
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Support
  • Support for Multiple Vendors
  • Cisco
  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • Mikrotik
  • Forced Termination of Session by
  • Radius Packet of Disconnect (POD)
  • SNMP
  • Mikrotik API
  • Custom Scripts
  • SSH
  • Up to 3000 Packet Processing/second per node
  • Up to 1M subscriber sessions per node