What is NGN?

The new generation of telecommunication networks is called the Next Generation Network (NGN). The main reason for this naming is the general changes in all aspects of service provision, especially in the core. NGN is a packet-base network that can provide telecommunication and value-added services.

The main structure of the fixed telephone from the past to now was circuit-switched and based on the analog signal. Despite the major changes that have occurred in the various parts of the service, the overall nature of the signal transmission based on the signal on copper wire has been preserved.

But in NGN, we see a general shift in switching, transmission systems, and so on. This has made it possible to further enable the provision of fixed telephone service.

The main idea behind NGN is that a network can transfer all services (voice, data, image) onto the IP platform.

Advantage of NGN:

Any kind of concept or new system that enters the telecommunication networks will have positive and negative consequences after implementation. On the other hand, there are currently single-service networks with a high maintenance cost, but the ngn network is a single server / client-based network that delivers several services together.

  • Increased profitability by providing new services
  • Accelerating the introduction of new services
  • Providing new services by integrating orbital and packet networks - Web-based chat management services
  • Minimizing main investment and maintenance (CAPX) and (OPEX)
  • Network efficiency by packing
  • Integrated network management
  • Maximum flexibility and scalability
  • Combine and coordinate equipment and applications using open and standard interfaces.
  • High scalability
  • Easy to introduce new technologies

NGN core components:

۱-Soft Switch (Session Control) Which is sometimes named the Media Gateway Controller or Call Agent.

۲ - Media Gateway (equivalent to trunk and shared cards). Which includes the Access Media Gateway (AMG) gateway. The Wireless Media Gateway (WMG) and the TMG Trunk (WMG)

۳ - Signaling GATEWAY

۴ - Media Server (Equivalent Circuit Switches)

۵ - Application Server (Features and Applications) is .


NGN services:

Free Phone Service

The owner of this service is the one who charges their incoming communications in order to advertise and market the work, and the subscriber does not pay for the communication.

Service subscribers: Big organizations and businesses

Prepaid service

The owner of this service is a subscriber who will pay for his or her call costs by purchasing a charge card, and the cost of the calls made from the shared card account will be reduced.

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