Soft Switch is one of the main units of the NGN network. This unit has rules for dialing and uses Media Gateway and Signaling Gateway for this purpose. Responsibility for the Signaling Gateway is a call setup and a teardown also the is the interface for OSS and BSS systems. The Soft Switch is often named as Call Agent and Media Gateway Controller. Media gateways control according to the dial-up and signaling control method and the standard protocols support from the Gateway Media Server, the application server, and the domain registrar (including AAA) also, the call routing is done in accordance with the Numbering Plan (TRIP protocol), Speech Signaling (SIP, H.323, ISUP) and logging (OA & M), alarms, runtime and charging) by the Soft Switch.

Using SIP-T and BICC interfaces with other soft switches and with SIP and MGCP interfaces connect to media gateways and media servers. the provision of the API standard for development, support for the SS7 gateway signaling (including ISUP and TCAP protocols) for interacting with old networks (PSTN), is including the tasks of this server.

In other words, the soft switch is a collection of technologies that perform a single-switch operation to establish an end-to-end connection. A soft switch can interact with an circuit switch. Soft Switch is one of the most important technologies that can transfer circuit technology to a packet. The soft switch uses the software to communicate between devices, it transmits voice and data traffic, and provides voice routing over a variety of networks.


The advantages of soft switches

  • Creating new revenues for service providers
  • Designed according to open standards
  • Provisioning, network management, and billing systems
  • Ability to transfer conversation control to other network elements
  • Flexibility (this feature allows the development of telephony capabilities with scheduling capabilities)
  • Expansion of various types of e-business that is accessible and exploited through newer equipment.
  • Easy integration networks
  • Reduce the costs of deployment and ownership
  • Unified massaging

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